The Cross & Clinic – Part3

Reportage Salon Claudia Part 3 – The Cross & Clinic

Ameli von Stein    Fetish Matters 

More and more people talk about BDSM! More and more people try it! You don’t need to become a full dominant or submissive for ever. You can just enjoy the variation! Wouldn’t it be boring to be eating Pizza everyday!? Why not try Pasta for a change or even something more exotic like Sushi? I like to explore with you this professional Fetish Studio ‘Salon Claudia’ Salon Claudia is situated in Zürich, Switzerland and caters for kinksters looking for professional playtimes, coaching for singles and couples, as well as rental for private and fetish interested people.

Salon Claudia has a lot of high class and professional equipment and you will find 3 parts on Salon Claudia.
Salon Claudia Part 3 – The Cross & Clinic

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